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Genealogy Story Telling

3min read | Aug 22, 2023

The Challenge


Create a desktop experience that enables families to upload & share videos, photos, written testimonials and sensitive information via their family tree, thus providing access to your family story for generations to come. All of this is hosted in a cloud-experience.

The Users


Families looking to archive their story, while providing seamless access to family members. Never again is a password lost, a memory forgotten, or digital photo albums misplaced. Next, provide prompts and opportunities for family members to regularly update their memoirs and profiles, ensuring that the story of you is complete, on Memora.

The Design System


Create a logo, brand, and color palette that invokes the fondness of familial memories, whereas is easy to decipher and interpret by older users. Create a product and experience that is as simple and minimal as humanly possible.

The Tech Stack


Although just a landing page, Memora was built using NextJS to leverage SEO optimization, increasing the outreach of potential users and ultimately validating a business idea!

The Deployment

We went from logo designs, to branding, color schemes, and MVP development and deployment all within 2 weeks. The first version of the product is live now at Sign up with your family today!

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