Fantasy Sports Pick'Em

2min read | Aug 22, 2023

The Challenge


Create a simple Pick'em game for cash where users can choose between a wide spectrum of props from the sporting world, to create parlay slips of 2-7 predictions in order to win cash. This all needed to be done across a strong brand identity and sleek look and feel in order to garner trust from new users.

The Users

Sports bettors and pick'em users who are looking for better odds and payouts, all while inspiring the same confidence and trust that the large brands repute.

The Design System


Create an electric brand that optimizes for core desired user interactions:

1) Time to Fun: Make picks immediately.
2) Deposit: Make your first deposit on sign-up due to a time exclusive deposit bonus.
3) 5 Stars: After the fun, review the app.
4) Refer: Earn more free plays for inviting your friends.

Develop a lean, mean, growth machine!

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